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Harriet Mason Boutique Salon in Stow

As occurred with the past with the Geishas, permanent makeup or micro-pigmentation has been the best-kept secret by thousands of women in facial beauty.

It is an aesthetic technique which consists of inserting pigments into the epidermis. Its purpose is to correct, balance and highlight the facial features of each person to beautify and rejuvenate the expression of their face.

There are different reasons why a person may decide to carry out micro-pigmentation treatment. It could be to correct small irregularities or facial asymmetries, redesign the shape of the eyebrows, outline the contour or give luminosity and colour to the lips.

In general, the benefits of this technique are abundant. The comfort and elegance offered by these permanent makeup techniques allow you to finish daily makeup in a simple, comfortable and fast way, allowing to be ready for any event 24 hours a day.

I use a natural range  of products to take care of your skin before, during and after semi permanent makeup micro-pigmentation. This unique formula is  100% vegan free from animal ingredients which has been specially designed to be used throughout the healing process which can take up to 4/6 weeks.

Creating lasting personal relationships with my clients is extremely important to us because they enable us to evolve your style with trust and experience. With its understated interior design and relaxed atmosphere, you can feel free to kick back with a magazine and a cup of tea, and let me get on with what I do best: delivering a look and style to meet your needs.


Eyebrows / Hairstrokes £450 


Colour boost £150 (within 12 months)

Colour boost £220 (within 18 months)

Colour boost £350 (within 24 months)

Colour boost £400 (within 36 months)

Eyeliner £400


Colour boost £150 (within 12 months)

Colour boost £225 (within 18 months)

Colour boost £400 (within 24 months)

Prices include consultation and follow up appointment 

4-6 weeks after treatment.


With over 20 years experience in the hair & beauty industry, trained in London for make-up and hair in TV, film and  theatre. Micro-pigmentation, semi-permanent makeup with MBE Dawn Cragg of Harley Street and Annette Power of Harley Street .

Mentored with a master trainer at FTG, London. I contine to attend seminars and masterclasses to continue my knowledge.

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Sheep Street, Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, Cotswolds